Kraft Food Services Snack Rack Builder (Touch Enabled)

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In the world of food service, store owners and operators usually fill out what is called a plan-o-gram to display products that will allow them to achieve the best revenue. For instance, in many cases it makes sense to place Oreo cookies at eye level along with the Doritos and Cheez-its if your store is located near a university. You’d display an entirely different set of snacks in your store if located near a gym or yoga studio. If you were new to “Category Management” as it’s called, I coded a questionnaire which would allow Kraft to choose a plan-o-gram for you based on your answers.

I conceptualized, designed and programmed this online tool for Kraft Foods which would help inform store owners of the pros and cons of displaying certain snacks for a particular demographic. This tool was so successful that Kraft Foods asked us to make several branded version of Interactive Snack Rack builder which would carry products of some of Kraft’s largest partners. I also did some minor 3D work in the creation of all of the different rack types. A touch enabled version was also built for Food Service trade shows.

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