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I was feeling particularly inspired by the Boogie Wipes brand when I went about designing, programming and building the 3D animation for the mom owned Little Busy Bodies in Oregon. Boogie wipes are basically Kleenex tissues with saline solution on them. They are also scented. The saline keep small children’s noses from becoming red due to excessive wiping. I co-conceptualized a character named Boogs who tries to teach children to take the pledge against germs by always carrying Boogie Wipes with them. After some creative deliberation, was born. But what is a children’s web site without fun and games? I programmed the games for the fun of it at no cost to the client because I was eager to learn the Flash AS3.0 programming language. Below is the introductory movie that plays on the site along with some of the games I programmed for it. I’ve also included screenshots of the web site design. This site required a bit of PHP and an SQL database connection to manage the giveaways. I was happy to provide assistance in that area as well.

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